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New Zealand

A part of reviews:

Thank you FFD, I am Jackson, in Catron County New Mexico, it is not developed here, it is very difficult to find a girl who accepts footsickness, I mean foot fetish.
After I posted my information on your website, I had a girl contacted me about a week later. Later, you know, I kissed her beautiful feet, that feeling is great, that's my first time to touch the girl's beautiful high heels. By the way, I spent $100, but I became a good friend with her, I often chat on the Internet, I hope to date her again!

Here, I want to talk about my enjoyable experience. I am Charlotte, I live in Monroe County Arkansas. I knew about foot fetish very early, but I think it is embarrassing to experience that feeling, feet licked by a boy. When one person is in another city, he will become bolder, but at the same time more dangerous. So, I still tend to experience it locally. As FFD said, the Las Vegas Foot Bar is not my business. FFD helped me find a foot fetish boy who also lives in Monroe County Arkansas, only about 5 kilometers away! Great, he is crazy, I can't believe he will treat my feet and high heels like that. We have been dating several times. He gave me hundreds of dollars. He also bought me a pair of sexy high heels. It is not my original intention to make money, but dollars are not bad thing!

Anthony, from Garfield County Montana, I have experience running a foot fetish bar, but unfortunately, my town is too small, the number of people coming to my bar is very small, I failed, but I got to know a group of feet fetish attitude people. I like the lively party, It is a good idea to organize foot guys to participate in the foot night.
I posted the message through FFD. To my surprise, the number of people who signed up for the footsteps night was 17 people, including 6 girls. I only charged men for $200. The scene is great, just like a dream. Someone can't wait to enjoy the next foot worship night.

Olivia, Randolph County Georgia, I provide foot fetish service to boys. On the Internet, I showed my high-heeled nylon stockings to the foot fetish men through voice and video. I also accepted the offline reality foot worship dating. I did a good job in the small county of Randolph County Georgia, and I also met many good friends. Foot fetish is not shameful, isn't it?

I sell some things related to foot fetish through the Internet. Simply, I sell anything that foot fetish boy likes. the second hand stockings, worn high heels, and even my toenails because I have a lot of fans. Now, I find that I can date boys locally through FFD, I can earn an extra $3,000 a month in this way, thank you FFD! great web!


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